- Saddle Knuckles are all-natural USA beef knuckles with no artificial ingredients. Meat on the bone is purposely left on for a better chewing experience. The soft knuckle material is a delicious treat and leaves a bone for a longer-lasting chew. This bone is from the beef femur bone. All Jones products are 100% grown and made in the USA. 4-5” long, 14-15" circumference / best for medium to large size dogs.


- Crown Knuckles have scrumptious meaty tidbits dipped in natural liquid smoke to make the perfect chew. These USA knuckles with no artificial ingredients are from the beef tibia on the hind leg.


- Natural Knuckles are not smoked and consist of two knuckles, the femur and the saddle. These knuckles have no artificial ingredients. They are all-natural USA beef femur bones. Meat on the knuckles is purposely left on for a better chewing experience. Jones Natural Knuckles are best for medium to large size dogs.

Jones Naturals Beef Knuckle Bone


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